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         In 2014 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Like most people with any type of autoimmune disorder, it took a while to figure out exactly what was wrong with me.  For two years, I battled with a horrible rash (DH, the skin representation for Celiac Disease), severe aches and pains, unexplained weight shifts, shedding hair to the point that I had to wear a wig, and more; then thanks to a google search at 3 a.m. (because I couldn't sleep due of the prednisone I was on) I found the blog of a dear woman who described my rash exactly and explained what it was.  Thanks to stumbling upon her blog, doing a little research, and taking that information to my amazing and willing to listen doctor, we finally knew what to test for and how to get my health back on track.  At first, the gluten free journey seemed impossible, depression and anxiety set in harder than ever, and I had days when I questioned if my life would ever feel "normal" again. 

     My goal is to share my journey in the hopes that my story can help someone...anyone...have an easier journey and know that they are not alone, and will start to feel "normal" again.  

Karen Kelso
Owner & Chef

Owner& Chef

101 W 29th St Suite G 300  Pittsburg, KS 66762, USA

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