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When I first found out I had to live gluten free to...well, STAY ALIVE, I was just sure that I'd never get yummy desserts again! The self-pity-party was HUGE until I finally told myself, "Karen, you love to cook. Just get busy looking for gluten free recipes for your favorite desserts, and if you can't find a good one, create one yourself!" My Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cheesecake is my own creation after trying other people's recipes but not liking the texture, flavor, or the laborious process involved. My recipe is simple and can be even more simple if you find the MI-DEL brand graham-style crust and just crumble it up for the crust that lines your spring-form pan. When I serve this cheesecake for our Little Aruba Bed and Breakfast guests or K&K Outfitters clients, they always either ask me to make it again, or ask me to share the recipe. It is delicious! Find the full recipe on my gluten free recipes page.

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